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Aesthetic Journal Spring 08

Aesthetic Journal Spring 08

By Caroline Nelson

Who Controls Your Salon?

Is it you or are you being held to ransom by un-cooperative staff…

Would you be surprised to know that many salon owners are currently in this very position? In fact if you are reading this article maybe you are at present wondering just who is running the show in your business. From my own personal observations as a business coach I have found many salon owners have or are in the process of losing control of their business. They are the salon owners who have one or more employees who feel they are entitled to special privileges, can make their own rules and generally have double standards. These employees often make life a misery for their boss and fellow workmates.

These employees are toxic to your business its success, its profitability and even its very existence. And yet for some strange reason they often hold onto their jobs long past their useful-by-date and continue to wreak havoc on management, co-workers and even customers. Its only when they finally leave or are asked to leave do many employers find out, the full extent of the damage. Along the way good employees may have given notice because they are unable to work along side these diva’s but the real damage is the customers sometime forever lost to the business.

If you have one of these “held-to-ransom” employers you need to get rid of the diva’s before they damage your business beyond repair. Do whatever it takes while being ever mindful of labour laws to remove them. And don’t procrastinate. And then comes the rebuilding of your business the soothing of offended customers, the retrieval of lost ones if possible and the repair to the team spirit. But before this process can take place you the owner / manager must accept a large part of the blame for having allowed this situation to occur in the first place. Now while we can all make mistakes in employee selection and hiring we must also be prepared to manage out teams in such a way that it enhances both the business and the employee’s performance and job satisfaction.

Taking Back Control

One of the first steps to take in regaining control of your businesses future success is to put measures into place steps to avoid this happening again. So the new recruit to take the place of the previously disruptive employee must be well vetted and carefully selected. If you want to develop a high-performance cohesive team you must start with the best recruits available. My mantra is “select slowly and hire carefully”.

Make a list of what you are looking for in a person, not only on a professional basis, but also in terms of their ‘people skills’ and willingness to teamwork. When interviewing employees make sure you establish clear guidelines as to what the behaviour expectations are for your establishment. In addition explain fully what your customer service and team management policies entail. And don’t forget the business Vision and Mission Statement. Make it clearly understood that only people able to meet these expectations willing and happily in a team friendly way will become part of your team. If you have any doubt any gut feelings to the contrary don’t employ this person.

Once you are satisfied that you have chosen the best candidate you will need to indoctrinate them into the way you want all future employees to conduct themselves while in your employ. I would also suggest that it would be a worthwhile part of the rebuilding of the team spirit to expose the entire team to the new and revised method of conduct.

Why is Induction Training important?

As a small business owner you may not think it necessary to conduct formal induction training. But it will certainly avoid many of the pitfalls that you might have previously encountered and that may have contributed to the poor behaviour of the un-cooperative staff members. Good induction into the ways you want your business to operate is absolutely vital for all employees. When they know what is expected of them, they do not have to be mind-readers nor do they have the chance to make up their own set of rules. And there is much more likelihood of them becoming more productive and supportive team workers.

Plan induction day/s well and they will set the structure for a stronger future for the business. If you don’t currently have a formal salon staff policies & procedures manual (not a few paper sheets of instructions sticky taped to the staff room wall) now is the time to invest in what could be one of the best money spent on developing your businesses operational success. Without a good set of policies and procedures your team is like a ship without a rudder. Also during induction is the perfect time to share the Vision of the future you have for the business and the active part they will play in its development and ultimate success. By sharing the big picture – exactly what you want from your salon in the long term will encourage support from your team. They will start to view you as a winner who knows exactly what and how they are going to shape future growth and profitability. This will enable them to see how if they buy into your dream then they too can share in the rewards. A great bonus reward incentive program will reward their commitment.

Ways to avoid having Unhappy Employees

One of the most common reasons that management and employee conflict occurs is because of lack of communication. The time-poor salon owner just does not recognize that each and every employee must have some quality one-on-one time to discuss any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. Often times they just need to vent and clear the air and if you don’t allow them the time to do this they can become like wayward children that try to get attention by disruptive behaviour. Does this sound all too familiar? Spending some quality time with them and giving them the chance to talk allows you to see issues before they become too big to deal with. Every so often take each employee out for a cup of coffee and allow them a safe environment to express themselves and share their concerns, otherwise you could suffer the damage of a situation that just keeps getting worse.

Recognize that everyone is an individual and sometime each team member will need a little extra support. I firmly believe that coaching employees shows that you are not only interested in the performance on the job but that you care for their wellbeing and are happy to take an active role in their professional growth. I also believe that as the manager of the business you need to pay attention and keep both your eyes and your ears open. Listen and understand what is going on in your business and be prepared to make the changes necessary to keep it healthy and your team happy and productive.

When Conflict starts to affect the Business

Conflict between employees and/or management is both seen and felt by customers. They pick up on all the little things – the snide remark; the exasperated sigh and the frosty atmosphere. Every one of these conflict indicators create a feeling of unease for the customer a feeling so intense that many customers can’t wait to rush out the salon door. Don’t let this happen to your business – resolve conflict as soon as humanly possible.

Take the employee aside and ask them “Do you realize the negative impact your behaviour is having on our customers and your workmates? And the damage it can have on the business?” Find out what the problem is and work with them to resolve the issue/s. The desired result from confronting a difficult employee’s inappropriate behaviour is to come to an agreed solution and then to hopefully move on from there. You need to be very clear and make sure the employee understands the required improvements and the consequences if this does not happen.

Boredom often leads to employee discontent

Sometimes the issue of un-cooperative staff relates directly to their growing boredom on the job. This often happens if the owner doesn’t keep upto-date with new trends in the industry and does not provide on-going training for the team. A work environment devoid of challenges can easily and quickly lead to discontent and turn a previously happy employee into an unhappy disruptive one. Introducing new services and products is not just exciting for the customer but is very motivating and inspiring for the aesthetician. Sending one or more employees to a workshop to learn a new skill is a great way to jump-start people and get their enthusiasm back for the job. Learning something new and bringing that knowledge back to share with other team members can motivate not just the individual but the entire team. This added energy and excitement will in turn be conveyed to customers and will in turn increase sales.

An Effective Strong Leader

Being a good leader means getting the most out of your team no matter what the situation. It means taking control and responsibility for the outcomes both business profits and happy content employees. You will make occasional mistakes. That is just being human but at the end of the day the successful business owner must pick them self up dust off, and get the business back on track and heading in the right direction.

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Caroline Nelson is a beauty industry specific business coach and author of the Ignite Your Beauty Business For $uccess- Salon, Staff Policies Procedures & Systems manual.

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