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Salon Spa Business Coaching

Australia’s leading Beauty Industry Business Coach Caroline Nelson can Transform your salon or spa into the High Profit bracket…

So if you want more Customers, more Money call the Salon Spa Business Guru

If your business has you all tied up in knots you need the Salon Spa Business Guru

Do you want to untie the knots holding you and your business back from reaching its full potential?
Do you want to learn simple, easy to implement ways to Increase your bottom line Profits?
Do you want your team to Improve Productivity & Reduce Costs?
Do you want your team to be Turbo-Charged Retail Sellers?
Do you want to learn the ways to Increase Customer Average Spend?
Do you want to Reduce Staff Management Stress and build a strong, reliable long team?

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If you are finding it difficult to reach your Goals and wondering how to solve many management & marketing issues

You need Caroline Nelson the Salon Spa Business Guru on your team, she will provide the Solutions to your business challenges

Caroline is a third-generation beauty industry professional with 39 plus years of industry specific "hands-on" experience. So what ever challenge you are experiencing she has already been there and found a workable solution. She is recognized as the beauty industries most widely experienced business coach…and she is ready to share her "trade secrets" with you. Salon Spa Business is a new program she has developed for her company Nelson Beauty Business Management.

The Benefits you will receive from her Salon Spa Business is the very latest in Solution based Business Coaching:

Enhanced understanding on your business financials and how they directly affect your bottom-line profit
You will learn how to read and understand data reports of your salons spas progress and how to use these reports to improve overall productivity & profits
You will learn how to reach & exceed your salon spa Targets with simple easy to implement Profit Building Concepts
You will learn how to motivate, inspire and teach your staff how to achieve their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Targets
You will learn how to recruit "the right" people ones who have the skills & the desire to help you achieve your Goals
We will work together to develop a Marketing Plan and Promotional Planner specific to your business that works in your trade area and provides ongoing profit potential
You will develop the skills to grow your business with confidence and put to rest any negative baggage that has been holding back your progress and success
You will develop strong people management skills based on Caroline’s unique WIN WIN programming rather than letting emotions rule

Unlock the hidden wealth in your business with Salon Spa Business Smarts – you may be letting cash walk out your door every day without even realizing its happening

In every business there is more potential profit just waiting to be discovered. With the Salon Spa Business Smarts method you will learn how to unlock this hidden wealth. Through years of "hands-on beauty industry specific experience" Caroline Nelson has learnt the ways and means to achieve the highest average sale from each and every customer and build them into "client’s for Life"…and this invaluable information can be shared with you. STOP Profit Leakage TODAY!! Act NOW!!

What you receive when you join the Salon Spa Business Coaching Program

The most important asset you receive is Caroline Nelson’s vast invaluable industry knowledge coupled with her uncanny ability to deliver exceptional quick profitable RESULTS. Caroline is dedicated to you achieving $uccess.

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Salon Spa Business Coaching Program

The Salon Spa Business Coaching Program is an 8 part process designed to successfully guide you towards achieving Improved Team Management, Enhanced Business & Personal Development, and Increased Bottom-Line PROFITS$$$.

The Program includes the Key Profit Building Components:

1. The 10 Point Business Health Diagnostic Check – in this check Caroline’s broad Salon Spa Business knowledge plus her large data base of industry benchmarks can quickly identify any areas of weakness in your business operations. From this information she creates your Business Action Plan designed to further develop the Strengths, overcome any weaknesses and take advantage of All Opportunities. You will be furnished with a full diagnostic business report

2. The Ignite Your Business for $uccess – Salon Spa Staff Policies Procedures & Systems Manual a fully editable template to customize your own staff manual. This manual is recognized as the "beauty industry bible" the Blue-Print to developing best industry practices and the instant solution too many everyday staffing issues

3. 10 highly focused telephone Coaching Calls personally with Caroline – during this time she will work with you to develop and implement the Salon Spa Business Solutions designed to get your business to reaching its full Productivity and Profit Potential. She will share her entrepreneurial skills and "trade secrets" so that you can reach and exceed your Ultimate Goals in record time

4. Two conference calls for your team with Caroline during which she will personally teach them her renowned Up-Selling; Up-Retailing; Exceptional Customer Care; and Target Achieve and Exceed Techniques – this alone will could increase each therapists individual sales by between $800 - $1,000 per week – can you afford them not learning these easy to implement techniques? Techniques are so simple they are like "money in your bank"

5. The coaching telephone calls are supported by Unlimited Email Coaching to allow day-to-day full support in any and all areas of your business. They provide Caroline’s continuous expertise to address any challenge or issue without delay

6. Full Marketing Support – you will be provided with the Ignite Your Business for $uccess Marketing & Promotional Planner along with sales letter templates designed to get customers coming back again and again. During the coaching process Caroline will work with you to create and implement a Marketing Plan and Promotional Planner specific to your business that works in your trade area and provides ongoing profit potential. And she will even custom design and brand your Posters, Flyers and Treatment Protocols to save you the time and money of creating your own marketing material

7. You will be provided with the Salon Spa Secret Shopper Kit including survey Templates – Industry designed for the Salon Spa Owner who wants a know everything they can about the competition and how to blitz them. And also what is happening "behind closed treatment room doors" in your own business – are you confident all your staff are providing full service & retail recommendations, and Exceptional Customer Care – the Salon Spa Secret Shopper survey provides all the answers to these pressing questions

8. You will also be provided with 4 Staff Training & Management CD Rom – these multimedia training programs can be used for team or individual staff training sessions they include - The Stressed Out Salon Owners Fix-It Tool Kit; Ignite Your Salon Retail $ales – get the cash register $inging; The Ways to $ell Treatment Programs; Ten Ways to Create $ervice Magic. These invaluable staff development tools are only available to members of the Salon Spa Business Coaching Program

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