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Salon Spa Business Tools

If you want a highly efficient team who deliver Exceptional Customer Service you need Salon Spa Business Tools

Salon Spa Staff Policies Procedures And Systems Manual

The Ignite Your Beauty Business for $uccess™ Salon Spa Staff Policies Procedures & Systems Manual is a fully editable template to customize your own staff manual. This manual is recognized as the "beauty industry bible" the Blue-Print to developing best industry practices and the instant solution too many everyday staffing issues.

The manual has been designed to support salon spa businesses raising customer service standards and providing the team with the tools to keep high level service standards on a continuous base. This will ensure improved customer satisfaction, and lift re-booking return ratios.

It will not only improve every staff member’s productivity, reduce costs associated with inefficient processes but will quickly lift Profits.

Salon Spa Staff Team Building Manual

The Ignite Your Beauty Business for $uccess™ Team Building Manual - Building a Happy Productive & Profitable Team can become a reality quickly with these easy to implement team building tools. Includes 30 Team Building Templates to help your team reach & exceed all Service and Retail Targets & Goals.

If you want to operate an efficient and profitable salon or spa you will need to develop staff management skills to inspire and motivate your team regardless of the individual employee’s skill levels and temperament.

I am an expert in these skills and have trained thousands of beauty business owners in the methods and techniques I have successful developed over nearly forty years. As a business owner or manager you need to acquire and master many skills if you are to propel your Salon Spa Business into the high profit realm.

Salon Spa Marketing Program

The Ignite Your Beauty Business for $uccess™ Salon Spa Marketing Planner
If you lack the time or ability to create your own salon marketing program or promotional material this could be your answer… This program will enable you to easily & quickly develop a beauty salon spa marketing program to increase your profits, hugely improve treatment series sales & get your staff to become $uper Retail $ellers.

Regardless of whether you own a Salon or Day Spa every owner wants to generate the maximum possible amount of business, the only problem is that you need time, skill and energy to develop the right spa marketing and promotional formula that continually grows the client base and ensures future profitability.

Secret Salon Spa Shoppers Kit

Secret Salon Spa Shoppers Kit – including fully editable Survey Templates

Industry Designed for the Salon Spa Owner Who Wants a Know & Blitz the Competition. This easy to Use Secret Shopper Kit will enable you to conduct your own Secret Shopper survey into your own & your competitors businesses.

Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy Manual

Salon Spa Retail Made Easy Manual - Make Your Retail Potential a Reality Today!!
Have ever lost retail sales because your employees do not possess the skills to convert customers to your product brands? Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees lack confidence or motivation to make the sale?

If you answered "YES" to either or both of these questions then you need my Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy manual.

In this manual I will teach you my proven techniques in the art of "leading potential customers down the path towards purchase". You will learn the ways to get each customer to visit more often and spend more at each visit. You will also learn how to understand the customers real Needs, Wants and Desires and how you can tap into what makes your customers tick and which buttons to press that will seal the sale.