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Salon Spa Staff Team Building Manual

Salon Spa Staff Team Building Manual

The Ignite Your Beauty Business for $uccess™ Team Building Manual - Building a Happy Productive & Profitable Team can become a reality quickly with these easy to implement team building tools. Includes 30 Team Building Templates to help your team reach & exceed all Service and Retail Targets & Goals.

If you want to operate an efficient and profitable salon or spa you will need to develop staff management skills to inspire and motivate your team regardless of the individual employee’s skill levels and temperament.

I am an expert in these skills and have trained thousands of beauty business owners in the methods and techniques I have successful developed over nearly forty years. As a business owner or manager you need to acquire and master many skills if you are to propel your Salon Spa Business™ into the high profit realm.

If you don't currently possess these skills then this manual will provide you with Blue-Print to develop Improved Staff Performance.


Helps your people to understand the importance of working together

Your Salon Spa Business is more productive when everyone is working for a common goal

Improves morale and helps to develop an atmosphere of trust, confidence and the spirit of agreement

Clearly defines objectives and goals, and the processes of achieving and exceeding targets

Improves processes, procedures, systems and productivity with everyone caring about positive outcomes

It motivates and inspires the team therefore you will see increases in sales, reduced costs, lower staff turnover and less absenteeism