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The Salon Spa Marketing Mix – and how it affects your business – part 1

04.27.2011 · Posted in Articles

The success of any beauty business depends on a correct and balanced marketing mix. Because no matter how good our services or products are unless we communicate their benefits clearly to the target market there will be no sale. Therefore every action you and your team take must ensure your brand promise is clear and ...

Ways to spread your Salon Spa Brand Message

04.21.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

In my last blog I talked about using Salon Spa Branding to make your beauty business stand out from the competition. Now I would like to the Key Points to Spreading your Salon Spa Brand Message. Create a Salon or Spa Marketing Budget and use the allowable budget wisely Don’t scatter advertise – if your ...

Marketing to set your business apart & above the Competition

04.17.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Have you every considered what attracts you to a certain brand of product or service? What made it stand out from others competing for your dollars? And what makes you willing and happy to spend your hard earned money to purchase this brand or service? It could well be strong branding. Now many salon and ...

In-House Salon or Spa Marketing

04.14.2011 · Posted in Articles

The key to making in-house marketing really sizzle is to train staff to become public relations spokespersons for your salon or spa. They must be: Fully trained on the benefits of every single salon or spa service offered and able to convey the message Highly knowledgeable on all skincare and make-up products stocked – must ...