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Delegate – to grow and engage your Salon Spa Team

05.19.2011 · Posted in Articles

Are you one of those salon or spa owners who find it hard to delegate? Then the first thing you need to ask yourself is “are you absolutely the only person who can perform these tasks?” If the answer is “no with some extra training and encouragement others could do these tasks to an acceptable ...

The Bachelorette and Bachelor Spa Party

05.18.2011 · Posted in Articles

Who wants a boring old traditional bridal shower or bucks party in this day and age. Both bachelorette and bachelor spa parties are becoming the latest crazy. With many urban couples living such hectic lifestyles they realize the value of time-out to recoup relax and reenergise before the big day. Hence how the popular the ...

Increase Salon Spa Retail Sales

05.16.2011 · Posted in Articles

Another way to increase retail sales is to offer a complimentary Express Analysis with every lash tint. Make sure at the time of booking the offer is made and your therapists say “Can I also book you in for an Express Analysis it only takes a few minutes extra. It’s a complementary service we offer ...

Building Your Salon Spa Retail Business

05.06.2011 · Posted in Articles

From my experience I find that most salon and spa owner’s managers spend the major part of their efforts and marketing dollars building and promoting the treatment or service side of their business. And forget that a balanced beauty business’s revenue should be part treatment part retail sales. In fact a good balance would be ...

The Salon Spa Marketing Mix – and how it affects your business – part 2

05.02.2011 · Posted in Articles

Continuing on fro my previous Blog 4.      Price - the question in the beauty industry should not be what are you charging for your services, but why aren’t you charging more. It’s a sad fact that many salon spa owners are afraid to charge the true value. The other part of price is what the ...