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Achieving Excellence –in Salon Spa Customer Service

06.29.2011 · Posted in Articles

A wise friend and colleague said to me over 30 years ago “Your client expects more from you today than she did yesterday. So, you’d better finds ways to constantly improve and keep her excited and eager to return Because if you don’t someone else will….” To keep ahead of the game requires being constantly ...

Your Salon Staff must become Skincare Ambassadors

06.16.2011 · Posted in Articles

For salon staff to successfully retail skincare products they must have a strong belief in the products they recommend. They must be excited by the results the products offer and enthusiastic about the opportunity of improving their customers skin 24/7 and not just during salon visits. For this to happen they need to know the ...

The Salon Spa Business Plan

06.06.2011 · Posted in Articles

The good health and long-term success of your business largely depends on how well you plan for its future, and your Salon Spa Business Plan is the cornerstone. The Business Plan – a well-prepared business plan is essential throughout the life of your business, not just before you start. You will need it later on ...