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Time Management for the Busy Spa Owner

07.28.2011 · Posted in Articles

How often do you complain about not having enough time? Do you find you seem to be running the catch up game all day long? You might be even guilty of wishing you could clone yourself many times over. Then welcome to the ranks of the time-poor salon owners of Australia. You know the reason ...

Be a Beauty Business Builder – get bodies on your couches

07.22.2011 · Posted in Articles

If you want to build your business then you need marketing strategies that constantly funnel clients through the salon door and onto your beauty couches. And once on the couch your team need the ability to up-sell, up-grade and retail to maximize the profit level from each customer. In this day and age when competition ...

People, Products, Processes and Profits – practical ways to improve salon spa management

07.15.2011 · Posted in Articles

To stay competitive, and ahead, in the salon spa business game requires practical ways to improve people management, selection of the right salon strength products and to streamline all procedures thus ensuring the highest possible profit. No matter whether your business is a traditional beauty clinic, salon, day spa, medispa or where it is located, ...

Highly Effective Salon Spa Management

07.12.2011 · Posted in Articles

Do you employee staff? Or are you considering employing staff? Then it will be imperative you adopt effective salon management if the business is to succeed. And one of the most important skills to learn is the skill of delegation. Because it is impossible to grow the business if you are constantly treating clients and ...

Building a Strong Retail Business

07.08.2011 · Posted in Articles

From my experience I find that most salon owners spend the major part of their efforts and marketing dollars building and promoting the treatment or service side of their business. And forget that a balanced beauty business’s revenue should be part treatment part retail sales. In fact a good balance would be somewhere like 60% ...