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How do you drive Daily Spa Business Sales Goals?

09.28.2011 · Posted in Articles

Some salon and spa owners have monthly sales goals which they review at the end of each month. Their method is to hopefully reach target, but if this doesn’t happen they either adjust the goals down for the next month or decide that as their staff don’t seem to be striving to reach target they ...

Train your Spa Team to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

09.15.2011 · Posted in Articles

Want to improve business, increase profits and have more satisfied customers? Then you need to train your team in the skills of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. It is not unknown for a salon to increase business by 20 or 30% vertically overnight using these methods. But just what do these two terms mean and how can ...

Spa Staff Incentives

09.09.2011 · Posted in Articles

Motivated employees are your businesses most valuable asset. Keep them satisfied and on the job and you will save the ever mounting cost of recruiting and training. And the easiest way to motivate them is by adding value in the work place, recognising their contribution, offering well deserved praise and compensation rewards. Retention of good ...

Online Marketing for Salon and Spa

09.01.2011 · Posted in Articles

The world is moving very quickly particularly in consumer marketing. Our customers and potential customers are being bombarded with advertising from every direction so how can we push through the pack and have our message heard? What about online marketing your business? Online salon and spa marketing is fast becoming the way of the future. ...