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Start a Salon Spa Refer a Friend Program

01.31.2012 · Posted in Articles

It is well know that the best prospective customer is a referred one. After all they are already pre-sold on your business, and are much less price conscious and more likely to stay loyal. Referred customers are much more secure that they are spending at the right salon or spa because someone they trust is ...

“I Haven’t Enough Time” is Just an Excuse

01.20.2012 · Posted in Articles

So stop hitting the ‘panic-button’ its time to think about getting some organization into your life. This will release a lot of undue stress and the lack of 25 hour days? And it will free up valuable time to “work on your spa business”. It’s very sad that many spas do not evolve into money ...

Designing Salon & Spa Services that build Bottom Line Profit in 2012

01.12.2012 · Posted in Articles

What do you want from your business? Do you want consistent productivity and profitability? If your business is currently under-earning and/or if your employees are under-productive then it may be time to have a close look at your service menu, prices and operating systems. If you have answered yes to either of these questions then ...

The Law of Attraction

01.04.2012 · Posted in Articles

Start 2012 with a good positive attitude. I believe in the law of attraction. Our attitudes work like a magnet. So if we adopt negative attitudes then that’s exactly what we attract. Conversely if we have an optimistic attitude and a sunny disposition we stand a much better chance of attracting good things. Remember emotions ...