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Are You Leaving Money on the table???

04.26.2012 · Posted in Articles

You could be if your not following Key Steps listed below. One of the biggest problems the beauty industry suffers from began with the advent of the spa concept. When we the beauty therapist became as relaxed as our clients. Relaxation became the prime importance and treatment results and solutions took a back seat. Now ...

Be a Salon Spa Business Builder – get bodies on your couches

04.12.2012 · Posted in Articles

If you want to build your salon or spa business then you need marketing strategies that constantly funnel clients through the salon door and onto your beauty couches. And once on the couch your team need the ability to up-sell, up-grade and retail to maximize the profit level from each customer. In this day and ...

Successful Salon Spa Staff Delegating

04.05.2012 · Posted in Articles

There are many things to evaluate before you delegate tasks and duties. Some of the things to consider are your employees’ skill level, motivation, and dependability and who is the best suited for the treatment/and or task. Matching the proper therapist to each task can be difficult so start small and don’t try and make ...