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How to avoid having Unhappy Employees

07.27.2012 · Posted in Articles

One of the most common reasons that management and employee conflict occurs is because of lack of communication. The time-poor salon or spa owner just does not recognize that each and every employee must have some quality one-on-one time to discuss any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. Often times they just need to ...

Salon Spa Staff Appraisal Performance Review

07.20.2012 · Posted in Articles

To truly know how well an employee is doing in the job needs regular Performance Appraising. Performance appraising not only enable both management and employee to identify strengths and weaknesses but once identified to work together for improvement. Successful beauty businesses have an appraisal system that evaluates employee performance in accordance with their strategic goals. ...

Identify Your A-Listers Salon Clients & Get Their Help

07.06.2012 · Posted in Articles

With the advent of front-end computer systems almost universal used in the beauty industry it shouldn’t be too hard to identify your a-listers. But remember their value to your business won’t only be about the money they spend. Their true value will be in their consistency in rescheduling appointments, willingness to up-grade to higher value ...