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Make Your Salon Spa Retail Potential a Reality Today!!

08.31.2012 · Posted in Articles

Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees do not possess the skills to convert customers to your product brands? Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees lack confidence or motivation to make the sale? If you answered “YES” to either or both of these questions then you need help because the ...

When an Employee has Reached Their Use-By Date

08.20.2012 · Posted in Articles

It’s never easy or pleasant to terminate an employee it’s often fraught with sleepless nights and stomach-churning anxiety. But hanging onto some one who is not pulling their weight and undermining the team is never going to add value to your business. If this employee has continually exhibited “Non-Professional Conduct” after you have observed all ...

What’s Happens behind your Closed Treatment Room Doors?

08.07.2012 · Posted in Articles

It’s war out there. In today’s competitive beauty industry, you will be experiencing fierce competition. It seems that every day another salon or spa pops up in your market area. Because of this you need employees who are supporting and helping you to grow the business. Unfortunately many owners only find out after one of ...