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Make Your Salon Spa Retail Potential a Reality Today!!

08.31.2012 · Posted in Articles

Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees do not possess the skills to convert customers to your product brands? Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees lack confidence or motivation to make the sale? If you answered “YES” to either or both of these questions then you need help because the longer you delay the more money you lose.

Whether you are a solo operator or employ staff you need to know the Key Buying Motivators that will increase customer visits and Profit Rich each sale. Learning how to implement The Key Buying Motivators will be the quickest surest way to increase salon spa profits.

You will find the Keys to increasing salon spa retail sales in my “Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy Manual”. This manual has loads of information and ways to support you and your team to reach and exceed retail targets.

In this manual I will teach you my proven techniques in the art of “leading potential customers down the path towards purchase”. You will learn the ways to get each customer to visit more often and spend more at each visit. You will also learn how to understand the customers real Needs, Wants and Desires and how you can tap into what makes your customers tick and which buttons to press that will seal the sale. To purchase click on and simply select and order your manual.

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