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It’s the Q & A discussion – Hiring a New Salon or Spa Employee

09.26.2012 · Posted in Articles

Q. What are some general points a salon/ spa manager or owner should keep in mind when building her business’s team  A. If one of our biggest assets is our support team, then careful consideration must be taken in the selection process. Select slowly and hire carefully. It is important that all new team members ...

Is Competition Slowing the Ka-ching Ka-ching in Your Salon Spa Business?

09.18.2012 · Posted in Articles

One of the areas I have found most beauty business owners have a challenge is with the incredible increase in competition in the marketplace. While a little competition can be a healthy and motivating thing the level we are seeing today is quite terrifying. It’s fair to say we can’t stop the flow of new ...

Drive Daily Salon Spa Sales Goals

09.05.2012 · Posted in Articles

Some salon and spa owners have monthly sales goals which they review at the end of each month. Their method is to hopefully reach target, but if this doesn’t happen they either adjust the goals down for the next month or decide that as their staff don’t seem to be striving to reach target they ...