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Investing in Yourself will Maximize Your Salon Spa’s Financial Future

10.23.2012 · Posted in Articles

To own a spa business whether you started from the concept, design and fit out or purchased an existing business will have been a very large financial investment. But there are other areas of investment many spa owners neglect. The investment I would like to discuss in this article is your individual investment in yourself, ...

Train your Spa Team to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

10.19.2012 · Posted in Articles

Want to improve business, increase profits and have more satisfied customers? Then you need to train your team in the skills of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. It is not unknown for a spa to increase business by 20 or 30% vertically overnight using these methods. But just what do these two terms mean and how can ...

Developing New Money Streams with Generation Y

10.05.2012 · Posted in Articles

The “I want it now” generation is starting to create quite an impact on the beauty industry, and the savvy salon and spa owners can and should be tapping into this lucrative market. You only have to check out the price for teen and pre-teen fashion to see just how much money is being spent ...