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A Day in the Life of a Beauty Industry “Fix-it” Business Coach

11.30.2012 · Posted in Articles

I am often asked what beauty industry specific Business Coaching is and how it can help a salon or spa business grow. So here is a sneak preview of what happens on a daily base and how it transforms my client’s businesses and even improves their lifestyle. In a nutshell what I do is to ...

Boredom often leads to Employee Discontent

11.15.2012 · Posted in Articles

Sometimes the issue of un-cooperative staff relates directly to their growing boredom on the job. This often happens if the owner doesn’t keep up-to-date with new trends in the industry and does not provide on-going training for the team. A work environment devoid of challenges can easily and quickly lead to discontent and turn a ...

Christmas Tis the Season to Get Salon Spa Cash Registers Ringing!!

11.07.2012 · Posted in Articles

Christmas is a busy time of year and, despite the fun and festivities, brings many challenges to business owners. And if you want to get the highest profit from this bumper marketing season start planning now. Get in the mood early by creating a festive atmosphere deck out your window display design exciting promotions that ...

Practical Ways to Improve Salon Spa Management

11.01.2012 · Posted in Articles

To stay competitive, and ahead, in the beauty business game requires practical ways to improve people management, selection of the right products and to streamline all procedures thus ensuring the highest possible profit. No matter whether your business is a traditional beauty clinic, day spa, medispa or where it is located, you must integrate best ...