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Who is today’s Spa Goer?

02.28.2013 · Posted in Articles

Understanding today’s spa goer in an ever changing world can be difficult however a good place to start is finding out as much as you can about your target customer. And remember it may not currently be “the ladies who lunch” but instead the professional female or male. Understanding their needs will enable you to ...

Why Do So Many Aesthetic Business Fail?

02.22.2013 · Posted in Articles

Here are some of the reasons why so many new business fail and what are should have be done in the very beginning to avoid pitfalls and to give the business the best possible chance of success: The business owner had their “rose coloured glasses” on when they made the decision to open or buy ...

The Role of the BusinessMentorand Coach

02.07.2013 · Posted in Articles

In the current economy many managers are facing challenges they’ve never experienced before, challenges their own expertise dedication and commitment are finding hard to overcome. In fact some are leaving the spa industry because the stress of finding answers managing employees and reaching targets is becoming overwhelmingly difficult. They often feel isolated with no one ...