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The Right Salon Spa Marketing Mix – and how it affects your business

03.20.2013 · Posted in Articles

The Success of any beauty business depends on a correct and balanced marketing mix. Because no matter how good our services or products are unless we communicate their benefits clearly to the target market there will be no sale. Therefore every action you and your team take must ensure your brand promise is clear and ...

“Build a Turbo-charged Salon Spa Sales Team”

03.14.2013 · Posted in Articles

When delivering a retail sales seminar I often refer to building a turbo-charged sales team. Initially this term ‘turbo-charged’ disturbs some salon or spa owners because they confuse it with pushy sales techniques. In fact it could not be further from the truth. What it means in fact is that while meeting all the customer’s ...

People engagement is about culture!

03.08.2013 · Posted in Articles

If you want your people to enjoy coming to work and have them committed to the organisation for more reasons that their pay packet you will need to have them embrace the company Vision. To inspire employee loyalty commitment and involvement they need to clearly know where the company is heading its purpose, goals and ...