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Enticing New Customers into your Business

05.29.2013 · Posted in Articles

Regardless of how big or small your salon, spa or clinic is or even where your business is located, you will need to be constantly attracting new customers through your door – but first you have to make sure they can find your door. Do you have enough signage to direct customers to your business ...

Targeted Promotions – push customers “Hot Buttons”

05.22.2013 · Posted in Articles

One of the best ways a business can generate more income is to keep customers excited and eager to rebook at the end of each appointment. This is done in a number of ways from staying current with new treatments and technology and by regularly introducing new services to satisfy ever expanding consumer needs. Another ...

Ways to Motivate Your Team

05.07.2013 · Posted in Articles

Motivated employees are your businesses most valuable asset. Keep them satisfied and on the job and you will save the ever mounting cost of recruiting and training. And the easiest way to motivate them is by adding value in the work place, recognising their contribution, offering well deserved praise and compensation rewards. Retention of good ...