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Is Your Salon or Spa Offering Real Value for Money?

07.24.2013 · Posted in Articles

When asked this question most salon owners would immediately answer they indeed do offer their clients Value for Money (VFM). But when further questioned most didn’t really know exactly what the term meant or how it is applied to the beauty industry. So what does it mean as it relate to us when our businesses ...

Serious Retail Reality Check

07.15.2013 · Posted in Articles

What comes as a big surprise for many salon and spa owners is to learn they are not just part of the service but also the retail industry. In fact a robust beauty business should be receiving approximately 40% of sales from selling retail products. So if your business is only achieving the industry average ...

Is Employee Stress Impacting on Your Business?

07.05.2013 · Posted in Articles

While many salon, spa and clinic owners are concerned about the level of stress they themselves are enduring with an uncertain marketplace and the day-to-day problems of operating a business. Most do not consider the serious consequences employee stress and its impact can have on the business. Employee stress is not just a minor problem ...