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What is your customer really buying?

08.28.2013 · Posted in Articles

You may think they are buying you’re and your teams expertise. But that’s not all their buying. They are buying the hope that you will provide solutions to their beauty and skin care needs. And you know what you can’t fully service these needs just with treatment services. You need to sell – yes that ...

Motivated Employees are your Businesses Most Valuable Asset

08.19.2013 · Posted in Articles

Keep them satisfied and on the job and you will save the ever mounting cost of recruiting and training. And the easiest way to motivate them is by adding value in the work place, recognising their contribution, offering well deserved praise and compensation rewards. Retention of good staff is not just about wage and bonuses. ...

Who Said Induction Training Was Important?

08.07.2013 · Posted in Articles

I did and you should. As a small business owner you may not think it necessary to conduct formal induction training. But it will certainly avoid many of the pitfalls that you might have previously encountered and that may have contributed to the poor behaviour of the un-cooperative staff members. Good induction into the ways ...