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The 5 Traits Needed to be a Successful Salon Spa Clinic Owner

12.21.2013 · Posted in Articles

Goal-Oriented – you will need a Goal Plan and the ability to focus on the actions and strategies required to reach these goals, you will need to have the flexibility to switch ‘hat’s’ from managing the business, managing employees, and marketing Passionate – not just the passion for beauty therapy but the ability to incorporate ...

Start a Gift Register Reminder Service

12.10.2013 · Posted in Articles

We all know the best gift certificate customers we have are men. We realize that many are not creative in gift selection and often leave purchasing their loved ones gifts till the last minute. So why not save them the hassle by designing your own Gift Register Reminder Service. They can register their details along ...

Creating Displays for Your Salon or Spa That “Sell”

12.05.2013 · Posted in Articles

Have a Key Feature Product/s – create a focal point of it – direct the viewer’s eye to this point. Make sure the display is at the correct eye-level (which is approximately 160 – 170 cms the average female height) – if you have several levels to the display, the Key Feature Product/s must have ...