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Marketing Objectives

08.21.2014 · Posted in Articles

The Four Marketing Objectives:  Selling existing services and products to existing customers (market penetration) and also (market retention) This is selling existing services and products to existing customers. With market penetration your team (the ones I mentioned who need to be highly trained public relations experts who know everything about every treatment and retail product ...

The Start-Up Beauty Business – Traps and Pitfalls

08.12.2014 · Posted in Articles

I guess the most important issue to discuss first is why would you do a start-up instead of buying an existing business. Of course this assumes that if you were to buy an existing business you would have read my previous article and were fully aware of the for and against. And of course would ...

The Role of the Business Mentor and Coach

08.01.2014 · Posted in Articles

  In the current economy many managers are facing challenges they’ve never experienced before, challenges their own expertise dedication and commitment are finding hard to overcome. In fact some are leaving the spa industry because the stress of finding answers managing employees and reaching targets is becoming overwhelmingly difficult. They often feel isolated with no ...