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Help Clients to make the Right Buying Decision

02.16.2015 · Posted in Articles

makeup  Every single day we get bombarded with zillions of marketing messages. So if we are to get through the clutter and to be able to help our clients make the correct and right decision for their beauty care needs then we should implement “suggestive selling” techniques that will guide them down the path to purchase. This is a process as professionals where we help them to make the right choice for their beauty care treatment and retail purchases. This hinges on good communication skills the trouble is in a techno world where many employees are more use to communicating via ‘short-hand’ text this is fast becoming a lost art.

So much so that it is now necessary to provide sample scripts for employees to learn because unfortunately many do not know what is appropriate to say. In addition many employees are not skilled to up-sell and cross-sell so they just don’t even make the effort. Instead they take the easy way and just do the service the customer has scheduled for. Potential profits could be walking out the door every single day. Can you afford that during the current tight economy? Up-selling and cross-selling not only increases sales but just as importantly it adds value to your customer relationships. And if you are not skilled to train your team then get an expert who can.


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