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‘My Epic Bali Spa Tour 2015’ Part 3

05.30.2015 · Posted in Articles

Part 3 – Candidasa eastern Bali. This is my final report of the 2015 spa trip. It’s many year since I have been to the sleepy seaside village of Candidasa and well before spa became popular so all 3 spas I’ll be reporting on a new to me. Spas at Aquaria Resort – Jl Puri ...

‘My Epic Bali Spa Tour 2015’ Part 2

05.28.2015 · Posted in Articles

Part 2 – Sanur My Sanur spa tour included a couple of favourites from past trips and a couple of new spas. As with the previous part 1 my reviews will be from a professional viewpoint (and is my view only but 44 years in the industry I believe amply qualifies) which will mean I ...

‘My Epic Bali Spa Tour 2015’ Part 1

05.27.2015 · Posted in Articles

As many of you who follow my Facebook page would know I have just returned for 12 days visiting my favourite holiday destination, beautiful Bali. I have been going Bali on a regular bases for over 20 years and during that time I have experienced many changes in their beauty / spa industry. Some of ...

Winning Salons & Spas Don’t Happen by Accident

05.06.2015 · Posted in Articles

  Over the years I have many times been asked “what is the secret to operating a successful profitable salon or spa business?” Well to start there really is no one secret method or strategy just a dedication to continually on a “day-to-day” bases work the business. So its true winning salons or spas don’t just ...

Creating the Right Conditions for Business Success

05.04.2015 · Posted in Articles

 As individuals we are responsible for our own success but it goes without saying that we need to give ourselves every chance to succeed. To do this we need to know that each business decision we make is based on accurate facts so that all actions we take will move us closer to achieving results. ...