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Lean Management

04.24.2016 · Posted in Articles

Implementing Lean Management can significantly cut and control costs while providing a better more efficient service. It has many benefits to a business but it is mostly focused on the customer/client. It entails sourcing the best value for money supplies, and training your team in the processes to deliver the highest quality in the most ...

Manager Qualities … do you have them?

04.12.2016 · Posted in Articles

To successfully manage a team requires managing the personalities, quirks, character traits and the emotional ups and downs of others as well as your own. And that is not always easy to achieve. Yes it’s true we all have issues, some more than others. But as a manager of people or teams you are required ...

Retaining Quality Employees

04.07.2016 · Posted in Articles

Recruiting, inducting, and training the right person for a job is both costly and time consuming so you want to get value out of the process retaining employees for the long term. By sharing the Vision, Mission Statement and Unique Business Culture of the business you will have engaged the employee in the ‘Big Picture”. ...