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Give the Client a Goal Plan

06.24.2016 · Posted in Articles

 Most clients desire to achieve results from their treatments but they are often not aware of how important it is for them to have either a program or series of treatments to achieve their skincare goals. Equally they do not realize maintenance treatment is required to give long term benefits. They wouldn’t expect an occasional ...

“Select Slowly and Hire Carefully”

06.20.2016 · Posted in Articles

Make a list of what you are looking for in a person, not only on a professional basis, but also in terms of their ‘people skills’ and willingness to teamwork. When interviewing employees make sure you establish clear guidelines as to what the behaviour expectations are for your establishment. In addition explain fully what your ...

The Ten Golden Rules of Exceptional Customer Service

06.20.2016 · Posted in Articles

   To make Exceptional Customer Service an integral part of your business operations first everyone on your team needs to recognise that customers are the most vital ingredient of the business, and vital to their job security. Without customers the business would cease to exist.  Therefore it should be part of salon culture to continually ...

Mistake I Have Seen

06.03.2016 · Posted in Articles

   Apart from just choosing the wrong location for some of the reasons mentioned in the above be weary of buying a failed business or leasing the premises of a failed salon. Many newbies to business can’t afford to buy an established and profitable going concern, so when they see a bargain basement priced salon or ...