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Morning Pep-Talk Benefits on Sales

09.26.2016 · Posted in Articles

If you want to achieve high sales levels then you need to ‘drive’ them every day. Investing in daily 10 or 15 minute focus group sessions will have an enormous benefit for the individual and the business as a whole. They get and keep everyone on track and go a long way to developing the ...

Efficient Workable Systems

09.15.2016 · Posted in Articles

Build you business around efficient workable systems. Good systems will improve productivity, increase profits and they will also help your employees be more effective and provide consistent high quality service. It also adds to the selling price should you ever decide to sell the business. After all good workable systems is the reason that Mc ...

How To Consistently Hit Retail $ales Targets

09.07.2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

If hitting and even exceeding retail targets is something you can only dream about then you must read this article. Skin care & cosmetic sales are a multi-billion industry so it would be a real shame if your business was not getting its fair share.   That having been said we have to face the ...