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How to Successful Delegate

11.21.2016 · Posted in Articles

Without doubt the hardest thing for any salon owner is to take time away from treating their beloved clients and too actually start effectively managing their business. The reason is they believe only they can give the client the best treatment, experience and service. Well that may be the case but business growth is all ...

Are You Suffering “But the clients only want me” Syndrome?

11.21.2016 · Posted in Articles

If ever there was an industry that fosters business owner burn-out then it would be this one. But why is this? Well it can mostly be attributed to the need of many salon and spa owners to control every little element of their business, personally themselves. And without a doubt the sheer volume of work ...

The Business Physical Fitness Check-up

11.02.2016 · Posted in Articles

This is the first step I take when I start coaching my salon and spa business owner clients. The Business Physical Fitness Check-up is the Needs Analysis I do to identify any weakness in the businesses structure, it reviews the current quality of policies, procedures and systems while providing the best solution templates to correct ...