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Micromanaging Could Be Damaging Your Business

01.18.2017 · Posted in Articles

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASgAAAAJDJjMGRmNTFkLWMxNmEtNGY0Yi1iNzUyLWIzMDE4ZGVlYzNjMA Control freaks rarely know that they are one.  Could you be one? If you recognize some of these traits in yourself … you could be.

Signs you might be Micromanaging

  • You believe your smarter, quicker, and more skilled than your employees
  • You interrupt when an employee is in conversation with a client, because you think you will do better
  • You hover over employees when they are trying to close a sale
  • Rearrange the computer bookings so you can do a service instead of allowing the therapist who booked the client
  • Discourage others from making decision without consulting with you beforehand
  • You’re constantly swamped with work, because you won’t delegate
  • Afraid to take holidays
  • When you do have a day off you are constantly checking in
  • Your employees are on tender hooks, because they don’t know how you will react
  • Staff sick days are high
  • Staff turnover is high

Any sound familiar? If so the stop trying to be ‘Superwoman’ take a deep breath and realize that you need help. It could be that you need an experts help to design better more streamlined systems that makes your staff perform to a standard you are happy with. Or it could just be you need to allow employees to take on more responsibility and tasks. It could be a combination of both.

To avoid burn-out and to succeed it will be imperative you adopt effective and efficient salon management. And one of the most important skills to learn is the skill of delegation. Because it is impossible to grow a business if you are constantly treating clients and have no time to manage the team, create effective market, and operate the business.

Start by making sure each employee fully knows their job responsibilities, goals, and your expectations. And have this clearly defined and given to them in a written document. This is the first step to being able to ‘quality control’ service outcomes without having to do each treatment personally yourself.

Provide an employee handbook or policies and procedures manual that sets down exactly how you want inter-action between employee and customer to occur. This would consist of not only how treatments are to be performed but in fact how you want the business to be operated from opening to closing each day. And don’t forget to encourage and praise them it goes a long way to keeping people engaged.

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