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The 5 Keys to Increased Return & Retention Rate

02.20.2017 · Posted in Articles

woman-getting-a-facial  For an aesthetic business to continue to grow and prosper you need to keep clients engaged, and this includes offering new services, new up-to-date beauty equipment, and products. But you need to keep them in the loop by holding very regular educational events and consult days. While years ago holding one event per year might have been adequate I would suggest a minimum of four or more is necessary now. Planning is the key to event success.

The 5 Keys

  1. Be critically aware of the CAC (cost of customer acquisition) – make your marketing investment pay its way
  2. Start turning Customers into Clients from the first visit – set policies and procedures in place for the whole team to follow
  3. Track data – and make any necessary corrections immediately
  4. Improve and monitor post-treatment follow-up communications
  5. And keep clients engaged – with regular new services, products and events

Lifting your return and retention rates takes hard work and dedication but it will deliver outstanding revenue results. So get cracking fix any problems and keep focused on day-to-day operations so no more potential clients are lost.

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