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The Salon Marketing Plan

03.17.2017 · Posted in Articles

thJSOE16Y6 In my last blog we discussed the Business Plan … now comes the gutsy part covering marketing and promotions, selling strategies, pricing and results. The ‘link’ between your marketing plan and the resulting business plan is vital. Marketing attracts and retains the customers and ultimately ‘drives’ the performance of the business.

You can use the ‘five P’s of marketing’ as a structure to discuss your marketing plans:

  • the right Product (services and retail)
  • the right Price
  • the right Place (location)
  • the right People (staff, business experts and customers)
  • the right Promotional strategy

Marketing strategies

Your marketing strategy involves selecting a target market, developing an appropriate mix for each and allocating the resources necessary to achieve its goals. It is important to understand that the practicality of your business plan is determined to a large degree by how realistic the sales forecast and the supporting marketing strategy are.

Four variables shape your marketing strategies for meeting the customer needs:

  • product features
  • quality of product
  • level of service to the customer
  • price – and this must be profitable to the business

You will need to decide the Branding of your business – how do you want your business projected to the general public. How you position your Brand will influence the services you hope to provide and this in turn will dictate the type of equipment or products stocked. A cautionary note here – I often get called into help a failing business that has not successfully Branded and their potential customers are receiving mixed messages. Not good for business. An example of this would be a salon that projects itself as very clinical offering high tech services using the most advanced beauty equipment but stocks a skin care range that can not support the services. This salon would have been better stocked with cosmeceuticals. Alternatively a salon that concentrates on delivering the more traditional pampering services might be best to stock an aromatherapy or organic product line. The services and products you stock must also be suited to the demographics of the trade area.

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