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The 5 Signs You Could be Suffering Business Stress & Overwhelm

05.02.2017 · Posted in Articles


If you can identify with any or all the 5 signs listed below then now is the time to take back your control:

  1. Easily distracted, lack focus, multitask so much you forget what you were meant to do next
  2. Constantly tired and irritable because you allow staff, clients, and even family to get away with bad behaviour because it’s easier than addressing the situation
  3. Have a reduced ability to concentrate or make decisions, with a tendency to procrastinate
  4. Easily frustrated and impatient with people and situations, and prone to mood swings
  5. Feel unmotivated, with reduced creativity and initiative

If you’re not convinced of this reread the 5 signs of stress listed again. The sad reality is if you don’t take care of you, there will be little left to offer your business let alone clients, employees, and family. If your ‘work’ mode is damaging to your health, then it’s a sure bet it will be just as damaging to your business. Now is the time to start setting boundaries, and get some balance back into both your business and personal life.

I hope this article has offered the advice and encouragement to help you reduce both personal and management stress, and motivates you to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

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