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3 Reason Why You Might Choose The Wrong Candidate

05.10.2017 · Posted in Articles


The three most common reasons why you might end up with the wrong candidate/s are:

1. You make too many allowance from the ‘get-go’.

You lose control sometimes even before the in-person interview takes place. This might happen when the candidate cannot make themselves available for the interview times that suit you, so you rearrange your schedule to suit them. Often they will cancel the interview at the last minute and want to reschedule another time, at their convenience not yours. Or they set their terms like not being available to work late nights, weekends, or public holidays. Demanding diva’s never limit their own boundaries so they’ll continue to expect special considerations regardless of you, your business, or their co-workers. Never compromise to suit unrealistic employee demands.

2. Hiring based on skills and ignoring attitudes and personality traits.

It is true you can train up skills ( if you have time ) but you can’t change a bad attitude. What you can’t train is good interpersonal skills, respect for others, emotional intelligence, empathy, motivation, and the willingness to listen and learn.

3. Under or over selling the position.

Make sure you have the job description absolutely correct, listing what is required in a factual and forthright manner. And be upfront with expectations and desired productivity from the outset then there should be little or no misunderstanding.

During the interview process think beyond the resume, while they’re great for listing skills they can also be potentially exaggerated. Ask pertinent questions and get good clarification of all details, don’t take for gospel what has been written. Follow up on all references and check closely how long each previous position was held. While you need to ask key questions make sure to allow the candidate amply time to answer and start to express their character. Watch body language closely and note if any part of the conversation makes them uncomfortable. If it does this could indicate an element of untruth in the answers given or a reluctance to comply to the requirements of the position.

Choosing the right person for the job is critically important not only to the business but also to the employees well-being. Work is such a large part of our lives so it’s important to hire those who have a passion for the job, enjoy coming to work, and are aware of the relevance of their position.

Once the right candidate has been chosen it will then be your job to link their passion, qualities, and abilities with the Unique Business Culture of your establishment. As well as a full and clear understanding of policies, company philosophy, and job function will increase motivation and productivity.

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