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Are Your Employees Happy?

07.18.2017 · Posted in Articles

I love my job for human resources management concept

It seems that over the last few years more and more salon owners are finding it harder and harder to connect with their employees. With both management and staff at odds as to who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Management feeling employees are under-performing or too demanding, and employees feeling they are not heard and listened too and/or are missing out on some perceived benefit/s.

My advice from a management point of view is to start by looking at your employees as real people. And by that I don’t mean making them BBF’s because they will never be this. But instead as people who both within the workplace and outside of it have ideas, accomplishments, successes, failures  and challenges. Keeping in mind it is not their business and therefore they will never have the same level of commitment you have, but that being said it is their job to work and support the profitability of the business.

Every employer wants and need good employee engagement. It’s a critically important driver to success, it generates energy and enthusiasm, and builds a positive culture. Again and again it has been proven engaged employees are more fulfilled by their work, more productive, have less ‘sick days’, and are more motivated to create satisfied and loyal clients.

While this is the ideal, more often than not there is a lack of understanding between your employees and management. How can that be effectively addressed? To do this you first need to understand exactly what the problem/s are before the solutions can be implemented.

From my observations and research I’ve found the five influencing stresses and/or grievances for management are:

  1. Lack of ‘Time Management’ skills and tools that can/will contribute to out of whack work/life balance
  2. Lack of leadership and operational management skills and tools
  3. Inadequate staffing levels
  4. Inadequately trained staff
  5. Rapidly expanding technology

And the five influencing stresses and/or grievances for employees are:

  1. Lack of managements leadership
  2. Unclear job expectations and guidelines
  3. Inadequate training provided
  4. Lack of career advancement opportunities
  5. Low pay and/or lack of a good Incentive Bonus Program

You will notice that both sides have several similar influencing stresses and/or grievances. And that these on the whole can only be effectively addressed by management. Getting these stresses under control will be like lifting an enormous weight off the shoulders of management and staff alike.

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