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Develop Harmony In Your Team

08.23.2017 · Posted in Articles


All salon owners want employees who work together as a harmonious team in an atmosphere that is conducive to great customer service. However this is not always possible in fact is inevitable that conflict can and will occur at some stage. The challenge is to address it and not sweep it under the carpet. Remember conflict in itself is not good or bad it is however inevitable.

What we don’t like is the way conflict within the salon can impact on customer service, performance and productivity, and the emotional health and well-being of the team. In fact I have seen conflict within a salon develop to such an extent that some salon owners throw their hands up in the air and give up, many even resorting to selling their business because of the negative impact it is having on both their business and personal lives.

During years of salon business coaching I have found Three Conflict Management Principals that work very well. These principals should become part of every successful management tool kit. They are:

  1. The prevention of conflict that reduces the customers salon/spa experience and clouds their perceptions of your business
  2. Develop ways of meeting the conflict challenge that will in fact work to your advantage and move the business towards its goals
  3. Introduce policies that will minimize conflict and improve overall performance and productivity

Some of the ways to promote harmony within the team are:

  • Set a good example – act the way you want your employees to act
  • Create policies that make the job easier – salon spa staff policies manuals are the lifeblood of a well run establishment
  • Be fair in all dealings – distribute work and hours evenly – praise and reward fairly
  • Develop incentives that recognize team sales and overall customer service
  • Introduce a fun team building program
  • Encourage employees to find their own workable solutions
  • Keep the team busy – busy people have less time for conflict
  • Train. Train, train

Having said all the above there is no one best way to deal with conflict. It all depends on the circumstances at the time but you should have the processes in place that reduce the fallout and keep the damage to a minimum.

Remember learning to understand the underlining issues with empathy, communicating effectively and hiring wisely will all reduce management stress and employee conflict.

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