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It’s Not Easy Being a Good Leader

09.19.2017 · Posted in Articles

iStock_000014006599Small Let’s be brutally honest it’s not easy being a leader. And contrary to popular belief great leaders aren’t born, instead they are shaped over time by discipline, hard work and a commitment to improvement.

A leader will muck in and get their hands dirty, but will also know when to step back, delegate, and allow others to shine. They have the essential attitude that shows the team “we can do it”, igniting energy into any given situation pulling everyone along in their slip-stream, and making it easier for all to achieve. This energy fires up a team and allows them to recognize opportunities and possibilities, an essential ingredient needed to reaching high sales levels.

Leaders are passionate visionaries, they have a very clear picture of where they want their business to go, and have a firm understanding of what success looks like and what will need to be done to achieve it. But having the vision is only one part of the equation, being able to articulate it to the team is a whole different ball game. Communicate is the key, and clear guideline supported by direct actions will help to lead the team towards the goal/s.

10 Top Leadership Qualities and Action:

  1. Learn to Listen respectfully – always listen to your team, regardless of what they have to say, even if you don’t like what you hear. Be open to possibilities of change and improvement. Talk less and listen more. Above all be fair, because respect is earned and it’s a two-way street.
  2. Always be a Shining Example – for your team in all ways because they will emulate both your positive and negative traits.
  3. Be Consistent – your team needs to be able to rely on you and your word. If they know what to expect they will be able to perform up to expectations.
  4. Be Decisive – you’re the decision maker your team looks up too so don’t procrastinate, and once a decision is made don’t waver be firm.
  5. Be Passionate and Energetic – passion is contagious and energy is motivating combined they will inspire your team great things.
  6. Think deeply and Research thoroughly – you’re the Leader and your decisions whether they are right or wrong will affect your team on many levels so make sure you do your homework before making a decision.
  7. Choose your team Wisely – making sure they will add-value to your business and will get along with others in a respectful manner.
  8. Prioritize your team – give them all the learning, skills, and tools they need to succeed. And be bountiful with encouragement, praise, and create a rewards/incentive program that inspires and focuses them to achieve.
  9. Be Open to new concepts and opportunities while still maintaining flexibility – never stop learning and improving. Be prepared to change and/or transform methods if or when required. And if something isn’t working after you’ve given it a good shot act quickly to change or delete it.
  10. Practice good Time Management – be productive with your time by planning your day and keeping track of what has been achieved. And stay focused on priorities and the actions necessary for you to reach your goals.

As I mentioned earlier in this article it’s not easy being a leader but if you follow these guidelines, keep focused, trust your instincts, and keep your Vision front and center. Then eventually your efforts will be rewarded and you will have the positive Team Culture you and your business deserves.

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