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Identify Your A-Lister’s

10.03.2017 · Posted in Articles


With the computer systems almost universal used in the beauty industry it shouldn’t be too hard to identify a-lister’s. But remember their value to your business won’t only be about the money they spend. Their true value will be in their consistency in rescheduling appointments, willingness to up-grade to higher value services, buy across product lines and pay full price. They are also highly prized advocates spreading positive word-of-mouth.

Unfortunately most salons & clinics owners place a larger focus on attracting new unqualified customers when in fact they should be treating a-lister’s as the VIP’s they are and focusing marketing activities to attract referrals. New customer acquisition is very costly whereas developing a marketing strategy aimed at the a-lister’s can be both economical and profitable. I believe one of the best things a business can do is to identify the most profitable customers in their data base and develop strategies that will attract similar people.

Make sure you made it easy for people to refer. I recently read a report that mentioned most people would be happy to refer if the following is provided:

  • · They themselves are happy with the quality of service they receive
  • · They have developed a rapt with the service providers
  • · They feel they are receiving value for money
  • · They are asked to refer
  • · They are provided with the means to refer i.e. business cards, vouchers etc
  • · They receive a personal thank you for their referral by way of a telephone call or hand written note or card
  • · And they are more likely to provide repeated referrals if they receive some type of reward i.e. small gift or gift card

This doesn’t seem too hard for any business wanting to increase customer numbers to provide. And it would have to be much most cost effective than spending on advertising and many other marketing methods.


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