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What Does Your Brand Say?

11.28.2017 · Posted in Articles

There is some confusion about “Brand” and whether it refers to the name or the logo of a business. And while both are part of ‘branding’ a brand is much more than a name or an attractive image. Its purpose could best be described as how to identify the business and/or its products or services ...

Tips to Improve Salon Spa Sales & Profits

11.14.2017 · Posted in Articles

Tip 1: Exceptional Salon Spa Customer Service is Vital   If you want to improve client retention rates then the buck stops here. Whatever level your current customer service is be prepared to lift it up a notch or three. This means putting into place a Salon Spa Customer Service Policy and making sure it is upheld ...

The Business Physical Fitness Check-up

11.07.2017 · Posted in Articles

The Physical Fitness Check-up – Answering the following questions will give you insight into your businesses current fitness and health and what steps might be necessary for improvement:   What is your businesses niche or Unique Selling Proposition what does your business offer customers or potential customers that sets it apart from competitors in your ...