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Tips to Improve Salon Spa Sales & Profits

11.14.2017 · Posted in Articles


Tip 1: Exceptional Salon Spa Customer Service is Vital


If you want to improve client retention rates then the buck stops here. Whatever level your current customer service is be prepared to lift it up a notch or three. This means putting into place a Salon Spa Customer Service Policy and making sure it is upheld by ALL employees – No Excuses – Ever.


In an increasingly stressful and impersonal world the salon or spa is the one place many people go to receive hands on (literally) high level customer care. They don’t want the mediocre they want to receive the WOW Factor style of care. So you better make sure your employees are trained to this level of care or your business will not retain today’s demanding customer.


The three vital ingredients to providing exceptional customer care are to have your team trained to always be courteous, ever helpful to their customers, and to be knowledgeable experts who will find a solution for the customer’s problem/s. I believe customer care is such an important part of client retention that every staff meeting and training must reinforce this aspect of the job. Quality customer care is an asset to building your business not a liability.


Great Salon Spa Customer service should distinguish your business from your competitors. And in a business where we all essentially sell the same product – treatment services and retail then your product should “better” the product offered by the competition.


Tip 2: Make it Easy for Customers to Buy from YOU


In today’s fast moving world consumers want choice and easy of purchase. This means you need to provide salon spa treatment options and by that I don’t mean the 10 page service menu option. Easy of purchase should include a menu that quickly and clearly shows the customer what would be best for their needs without them having to read a novel. Complicated menus are not read because in general customers just don’t have the time. Quick and easy does the trick. A variety of payment options are also necessary to help you get the sale.


Tip 3: Help the Customer to the Right Buying Decision


Introduce “suggestive selling” into your salon spa business to help lead customers down the path to purchase. This is a process of helping customers make the right choice for their beauty care treatment and retail purchases. Often when the client books their beauty treatment appointment they are not completely aware of their skins current skin condition or needs. Therefore typically they just chose a nice sounding facial on the menu regardless of the fact it may not necessarily be what their skin requires for the best results. And then typically the therapist only does the treatment booked so the end result is a less than satisfied customer. This then leads to no return visit.


And from experience it is know that employees who aren’t trained to up-sell and cross-sell salon and spa services often do not offer the customer additional services or skincare products. They take the easy way and just do the service the customer has scheduled for. Potential salon spa profits could be walking out the door every single day. Can you afford that during the current tight economy? Up-selling and cross-selling not only increases sales but just as importantly it adds value to your customer relationships.




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