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What Does Your Brand Say?

11.28.2017 · Posted in Articles


There is some confusion about “Brand” and whether it refers to the name or the logo of a business. And while both are part of ‘branding’ a brand is much more than a name or an attractive image. Its purpose could best be described as how to identify the business and/or its products or services in such a way as to separate it from competitors and to be more memorable to consumers. In addition it encompasses the public perception of quality and reputation.

Taking that all into account it’s vitally important for any business be they a multinational or a small business to be fully aware of what their brand stands for. In a personal service industry like aesthetics where the brand relates to the entire client experience including both service and product more is often expected. Every step of the journey from the first encounter of the business name, logo, website, social media, advertising, the way the phone is answered, and all the way through will be evaluated by potential future clients.

Whatever form of marketing platforms you chose to use your brand along with the quality and reputation it projects must always be at the forefront. And above all it must send out a clear message to potential customers and current clients from its USP (Unique Selling Position). In other words what makes this business stand apart from other competitors and why it would be best suited to the consumer’s needs.

Word of advice make sure all marketing is consistent. Be wary of sending mixed message type marketing because it confuses both current and old customers, and can even create a sense of unreliability that is linked to your brand. Consumers need to know that they will receive consistent information, service, and even guidance when they commit to a brand and a business. Consistency helps you get ahead of the competition and create authority through your business identity.

The décor of the reception should always carry through with the brand message especially as it is the ‘profit sales hub’ of professional skin care and make-up. A skin analysis technology area designed into the reception area would seriously extend the branding and maximize retail sales. The professional skin care and make-up display cabinets should include light-box lit logos of the brands stocked. Linking your business with highly reputable companies will also add higher visibility and recognition to your brand.

I think you will agree branding is not just about your logo and advertising but how your business is perceived from all and any angle. Branding should be the Unique Selling Position of high standards, quality control, excellence in customer service, and be so memorable that it has people returning again and again.

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