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Tips to Improve Salon Spa Sales & Profits

11.14.2017 · Posted in Articles

Tip 1: Exceptional Salon Spa Customer Service is Vital   If you want to improve client retention rates then the buck stops here. Whatever level your current customer service is be prepared to lift it up a notch or three. This means putting into place a Salon Spa Customer Service Policy and making sure it is upheld ...

How To Consistently Hit Retail Targets

05.02.2017 · Posted in Articles

If hitting and even exceeding retail targets is something you can only dream about then you must read this article. Skin care & cosmetic sales are a multi-billion industry so it would be a real shame if your business was not getting its fair share. That having been said we have to face the reality ...

The Salon Marketing Plan

03.17.2017 · Posted in Articles

 In my last blog we discussed the Business Plan … now comes the gutsy part covering marketing and promotions, selling strategies, pricing and results. The ‘link’ between your marketing plan and the resulting business plan is vital. Marketing attracts and retains the customers and ultimately ‘drives’ the performance of the business. You can use the ‘five ...

The Entrepreneurial Salon Owner

03.09.2017 · Posted in Articles

These are the steps I encourage my clients to implement if they want to build an efficient, effective, productive, and profitable aesthetic business in the entrepreneurial method: Plan everything and start by conducting a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) researching and compiling data then create the action steps or blue-print on how to ...

The 5 Keys to Increased Return & Retention Rate

02.20.2017 · Posted in Articles

  For an aesthetic business to continue to grow and prosper you need to keep clients engaged, and this includes offering new services, new up-to-date beauty equipment, and products. But you need to keep them in the loop by holding very regular educational events and consult days. While years ago holding one event per year ...

To Up-Tec or Not.

01.14.2017 · Posted in Articles

Today’s consumer is very techno savvy and they expect the salon or spa of their choice to have the best and the latest available. This means that you need to keep abreast if not ahead of what is current. If you don’t then unfortunately you will find many will seek the services elsewhere. Embracing technology ...