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Building an Efficient, Effective, Productive & Profitable Aesthetic Business

08.01.2017 · Posted in Articles

The reality of owning and operating a business is that you only stay in business if you are making money. Which means you have to quickly adapt to changing conditions, trends, technology, and consumer buying habits if the business is to remain viable. Staying relevant in a quickly changing industry takes accurate insight, commitment and ...

The 5 Signs You Could be Suffering Business Stress & Overwhelm

05.02.2017 · Posted in Articles

If you can identify with any or all the 5 signs listed below then now is the time to take back your control: Easily distracted, lack focus, multitask so much you forget what you were meant to do next Constantly tired and irritable because you allow staff, clients, and even family to get away with ...

The Salon Marketing Plan

03.17.2017 · Posted in Articles

 In my last blog we discussed the Business Plan … now comes the gutsy part covering marketing and promotions, selling strategies, pricing and results. The ‘link’ between your marketing plan and the resulting business plan is vital. Marketing attracts and retains the customers and ultimately ‘drives’ the performance of the business. You can use the ‘five ...

The 5 Keys to Increased Return & Retention Rate

02.20.2017 · Posted in Articles

  For an aesthetic business to continue to grow and prosper you need to keep clients engaged, and this includes offering new services, new up-to-date beauty equipment, and products. But you need to keep them in the loop by holding very regular educational events and consult days. While years ago holding one event per year ...

Choosing the RIGHT Person for the Job

01.25.2017 · Posted in Articles

In an industry with a high level of employee turnover make no mistake there’re very significant costs to hiring, so it stands to reason getting the right people and retaining them for as long as possible is imperative. Easier said than done. Unfortunately there is no ‘fool-proof’ method to hiring but there are guidelines and ...

Micromanaging Could Be Damaging Your Business

01.18.2017 · Posted in Articles

 Control freaks rarely know that they are one.  Could you be one? If you recognize some of these traits in yourself … you could be. Signs you might be Micromanaging You believe your smarter, quicker, and more skilled than your employees You interrupt when an employee is in conversation with a client, because you think you ...

To Up-Tec or Not.

01.14.2017 · Posted in Articles

Today’s consumer is very techno savvy and they expect the salon or spa of their choice to have the best and the latest available. This means that you need to keep abreast if not ahead of what is current. If you don’t then unfortunately you will find many will seek the services elsewhere. Embracing technology ...

Qualities or Character Traits of a Valuable Beauty Industry Employee

12.05.2016 · Posted in Articles

It is true that finding valuable employees can be difficult but if your business is to grow and it needs additional hands then you will need new hire’s at some point. Where it becomes difficult can be introducing someone new into the mix of an existing happy productive team. You need to get the staff ...

Are You Suffering “But the clients only want me” Syndrome?

11.21.2016 · Posted in Articles

If ever there was an industry that fosters business owner burn-out then it would be this one. But why is this? Well it can mostly be attributed to the need of many salon and spa owners to control every little element of their business, personally themselves. And without a doubt the sheer volume of work ...