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Develop Harmony In Your Team

08.23.2017 · Posted in Articles

All salon owners want employees who work together as a harmonious team in an atmosphere that is conducive to great customer service. However this is not always possible in fact is inevitable that conflict can and will occur at some stage. The challenge is to address it and not sweep it under the carpet. Remember ...

Building an Efficient, Effective, Productive & Profitable Aesthetic Business

08.01.2017 · Posted in Articles

The reality of owning and operating a business is that you only stay in business if you are making money. Which means you have to quickly adapt to changing conditions, trends, technology, and consumer buying habits if the business is to remain viable. Staying relevant in a quickly changing industry takes accurate insight, commitment and ...

3 Reason Why You Might Choose The Wrong Candidate

05.10.2017 · Posted in Articles

The three most common reasons why you might end up with the wrong candidate/s are: 1. You make too many allowance from the ‘get-go’. You lose control sometimes even before the in-person interview takes place. This might happen when the candidate cannot make themselves available for the interview times that suit you, so you rearrange ...

To Up-Tec or Not.

01.14.2017 · Posted in Articles

Today’s consumer is very techno savvy and they expect the salon or spa of their choice to have the best and the latest available. This means that you need to keep abreast if not ahead of what is current. If you don’t then unfortunately you will find many will seek the services elsewhere. Embracing technology ...

Developing a Sales Mentality

12.15.2016 · Posted in Articles

Every employee needs to develop a “sales mentality” this will be a key ingredient in healthy growth and bottom-line profits. Helping them develop this “sales mentality” will largely be up to you the business owner, because unfortunately most employees will not have been encouraged or even exposed to this concept during collage or previous positions.  ...

Efficient Workable Systems

09.15.2016 · Posted in Articles

Build you business around efficient workable systems. Good systems will improve productivity, increase profits and they will also help your employees be more effective and provide consistent high quality service. It also adds to the selling price should you ever decide to sell the business. After all good workable systems is the reason that Mc ...

Manager Qualities … do you have them?

04.12.2016 · Posted in Articles

To successfully manage a team requires managing the personalities, quirks, character traits and the emotional ups and downs of others as well as your own. And that is not always easy to achieve. Yes it’s true we all have issues, some more than others. But as a manager of people or teams you are required ...

Workshop + Wisdom: Cracking the Code of Beauty Business Success

02.06.2016 · Posted in Articles

Beauty business guru Caroline Nelson will be empowering salon, spa and clinic owners around the country in 2016 with a series of educational seminars, presented in conjunction with The Global Beauty Group.  Attendees will learn the key to surviving and thriving in the increasingly competitive beauty and aesthetics industry. As Director of Nelson Beauty Management, ...

Is Your Business Commercially Sound?

10.09.2015 · Posted in Articles

  Today’s highly competitive marketplace has resulted in some brutal price wars between salons and clinics, making it difficult to keep financially viable for some businesses. Slashing prices might work in the short term to get a few extra clients through the door but if the business is not operating on a sound commercial base it ...