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How To Consistently Hit Retail Targets

05.02.2017 · Posted in Articles

If hitting and even exceeding retail targets is something you can only dream about then you must read this article. Skin care & cosmetic sales are a multi-billion industry so it would be a real shame if your business was not getting its fair share. That having been said we have to face the reality ...

The Salon Physical Fitness Check-up

01.04.2017 · Posted in Articles

This is the first step I take when I start coaching my salon and spa business owner clients. The Salon Physical Fitness Check-up is the Needs Analysis I do to identify any weakness in the businesses structure, it reviews the current quality of policies, procedures and systems while providing the best solution templates to correct ...

Morning Pep-Talk Benefits on Sales

09.26.2016 · Posted in Articles

If you want to achieve high sales levels then you need to ‘drive’ them every day. Investing in daily 10 or 15 minute focus group sessions will have an enormous benefit for the individual and the business as a whole. They get and keep everyone on track and go a long way to developing the ...

“Select Slowly and Hire Carefully”

06.20.2016 · Posted in Articles

Make a list of what you are looking for in a person, not only on a professional basis, but also in terms of their ‘people skills’ and willingness to teamwork. When interviewing employees make sure you establish clear guidelines as to what the behaviour expectations are for your establishment. In addition explain fully what your ...

Help Clients to make the Right Buying Decision

02.16.2015 · Posted in Articles

  Every single day we get bombarded with zillions of marketing messages. So if we are to get through the clutter and to be able to help our clients make the correct and right decision for their beauty care needs then we should implement “suggestive selling” techniques that will guide them down the path to purchase. ...

Marketing Objectives

08.21.2014 · Posted in Articles

The Four Marketing Objectives:  Selling existing services and products to existing customers (market penetration) and also (market retention) This is selling existing services and products to existing customers. With market penetration your team (the ones I mentioned who need to be highly trained public relations experts who know everything about every treatment and retail product ...

The Start-Up Beauty Business – Traps and Pitfalls

08.12.2014 · Posted in Articles

I guess the most important issue to discuss first is why would you do a start-up instead of buying an existing business. Of course this assumes that if you were to buy an existing business you would have read my previous article and were fully aware of the for and against. And of course would ...

Building Your Retail Business

03.18.2014 · Posted in Articles

From my experience I find that most salon owners spend the major part of their efforts and marketing dollars building and promoting the treatment or service side of their business. And forget that a balanced beauty business’s revenue should be part treatment part retail sales. In fact a good balance would be somewhere like 60% ...

Create a Christmas Gift Selection Centre

11.15.2013 · Posted in Articles

Many salon spa owners only stock their skin care ranges gift packs but remember you can create your own unique gift boxes and baskets by filling them with beauty related items i.e. Spa music CD’s; aromatherapy oils; candles; hand and body lotion. And if you go to the discount store you can find many other ...