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It’s Not Easy Being a Good Leader

09.19.2017 · Posted in Articles

 Let’s be brutally honest it’s not easy being a leader. And contrary to popular belief great leaders aren’t born, instead they are shaped over time by discipline, hard work and a commitment to improvement. A leader will muck in and get their hands dirty, but will also know when to step back, delegate, and allow ...

Develop Harmony In Your Team

08.23.2017 · Posted in Articles

All salon owners want employees who work together as a harmonious team in an atmosphere that is conducive to great customer service. However this is not always possible in fact is inevitable that conflict can and will occur at some stage. The challenge is to address it and not sweep it under the carpet. Remember ...

3 Reason Why You Might Choose The Wrong Candidate

05.10.2017 · Posted in Articles

The three most common reasons why you might end up with the wrong candidate/s are: 1. You make too many allowance from the ‘get-go’. You lose control sometimes even before the in-person interview takes place. This might happen when the candidate cannot make themselves available for the interview times that suit you, so you rearrange ...

The Aesthetic Industry is Big on “Passion” but Low on Productivity

02.06.2017 · Posted in Articles

The aesthetic industry is big on “passion” but more often than not both management and staff direct this commitment to care and nurturing clients forgetting the business also needs this same level of commitment and care if it’s to prosper. Therefore if you and your team are too caught up with the ‘touchy feely’ stuff ...

Choosing the RIGHT Person for the Job

01.25.2017 · Posted in Articles

In an industry with a high level of employee turnover make no mistake there’re very significant costs to hiring, so it stands to reason getting the right people and retaining them for as long as possible is imperative. Easier said than done. Unfortunately there is no ‘fool-proof’ method to hiring but there are guidelines and ...

Qualities or Character Traits of a Valuable Beauty Industry Employee

12.05.2016 · Posted in Articles

It is true that finding valuable employees can be difficult but if your business is to grow and it needs additional hands then you will need new hire’s at some point. Where it becomes difficult can be introducing someone new into the mix of an existing happy productive team. You need to get the staff ...

How to Successful Delegate

11.21.2016 · Posted in Articles

Without doubt the hardest thing for any salon owner is to take time away from treating their beloved clients and too actually start effectively managing their business. The reason is they believe only they can give the client the best treatment, experience and service. Well that may be the case but business growth is all ...

The Business Physical Fitness Check-up

11.02.2016 · Posted in Articles

This is the first step I take when I start coaching my salon and spa business owner clients. The Business Physical Fitness Check-up is the Needs Analysis I do to identify any weakness in the businesses structure, it reviews the current quality of policies, procedures and systems while providing the best solution templates to correct ...

Morning Pep-Talk Benefits on Sales

09.26.2016 · Posted in Articles

If you want to achieve high sales levels then you need to ‘drive’ them every day. Investing in daily 10 or 15 minute focus group sessions will have an enormous benefit for the individual and the business as a whole. They get and keep everyone on track and go a long way to developing the ...